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We are delighted and proud to present you our new album "Of Clans and Clones and Clowns" in its full length! A hard, prolonged and intense work of many people, that has finally resulted in 73 minutes of this crazy, funny, apocalyptic, colorful, moody, quirky, dark, expressive, rocking, exciting slice of our world, our
hearts, our souls. A myriad of styles, moods, emotions, influences, experiences. Taking a look back, at the golden age of rock music, at its best representatives, it was about the great songwriting, pushing the boundaries, taking chances and setting the trends, instead of just following them. About depth and impressive substance. We attempted to capture these principles, the way we see it fit for a modern times, and we hope, that you will find a  long-term interest in the multicolored world we present here. We'd like to thank everyone involved in album production, the fans, the friends, the supporters - you made it happen. Time to enjoy the music!


Great surprise to end the year with - "Octopus Song" received a video treatment, thanks to enthusiastic move from our good friend and supporter Vadim Yakupov, who had written and directed this whole mini movie. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, there's more exclusive stuff there! 

Happy New Year!



New Video for the most experimental composition so far - "The Age of Cosmic Baboon"!





The video for "Aral Sea I - Feeding Hand" is finally here!☣️
This one is a starting part of the Aral Sea trilogy, and finally all three parts can be seen as a single unified visual concept!

A bit of background. "Feeding Hand" is probably the most "hardcore" one to watch, serving as a realistic greeting from the post-Apocalyptic world. Sadly, it's not some kind of blockbuster - this world exists right now, as we speak.
"Welcome to the rebirth, Rebirth Island" - you might remember this line from the song. The video brings you the actual footage from what was the world's biggest biological weapons testing facility in the secret city of Aralsk-7, located on the former Rebirth Island (slightly ironic name at this point), Central Asian region of former USSR. The island was a part of the Aral Sea, now a part of the new Aralkum Desert. The bio-weapons tests were performed on different animals, such as monkeys and horses. Plague, anthrax and other kinds of viruses were tested there since 1954, sometimes dispersed into the open air and leaking over the designated perimeter. The tests were about to be stopped due to agreement of 1972, but even in the late 1980's, the times of economic crisis, shortage of mass consumption products and foreign currency, the bio-weapon industry was still held in high priority. The Soviet Ministry of Defense kept importing African monkeys to infect them, explore their illness and put them to death in the building that you see towards the end of the "Feeding Hand" part. Around the year 1992 the Soviet Union crumbled, everything was aborted, abandoned and left to rust in the midst of the shrinking, dying sea. The developments since then promise no real chances for any significant revival of the Aral Sea. Who knows, if it's possible to imagine the most grotesque memorial in existence, the former Rebirth Island might be just that.

*Special thanks for part I original raw footage go to Russian traveler Ninurta - the brave video-explorer of ghost towns and other extreme locations of anomalous oblivion.



Great moment to share with you our new video - "Eternal Child"!

International sand animation artist Kseniya Simonova has collaborated with the Israeli band Soul Enema on a new music video titled "Eternal Child". The visuals are created in a unique animation technique, pioneered by Simonova on the basis of liquid Plasticine.
Simonova herself refers to this new format as 'plastic animation'. "It is a very rich technique — rich in details, in color, in the way of thinking. When I was a child, I loved playing and creating with Plasticine. I arrived at this technique after a long period of experimentation in my studio and consultations with scientists". Simonova explains that her new technique combines elements of sand animation and Plasticine animation of the type that was popular in the Soviet era. "I really love it. Who knows, maybe this technique will become the hottest new trend in the world of live and stop motion animation... I don’t know. But I felt that I want to continue working with it".
"We are extremely grateful to Kseniya Simonova", says Soul Enema's Constantin Glantz. "She's the leading sand animation artist in the world and an inventor of original techniques - I've been an admirer of her art for a long time. She totally loved our song, and her masterful work is a great visual counterpart to the things we wanted to express musically and lyrically: nostalgia about one's long-gone childhood and rediscovery of the will to live, learn and follow your dreams".
Simonova first rose to prominence in 2009, winning that year's Ukraine's Got Talent competition and becoming an online sensation. She has since performed in over 30 countries around the globe and took part in dozens of multimedia productions.
"Eternal Child" is taken from Soul Enema's second album "Of Clans and Clones and Clowns", released earlier this year. It was in fact a multinational production prior to Simonova's visual contribution, featuring the lead guitar work of Dutch musician and producer Arjen Lucassen, best known as the mastermind behind the all-star project Ayreon



We are constantly receiving a raving feedback to our new release, so we owe you a heartfelt thanks for your support! Check out the latest album reviews and interviews in the PRESS section! Meanwhile, our new video for the track “Aral Sea II – Dustbin of History” is out. As you might know, we are honored to feature on this one a fab guest appearance from Yossi Sassi (ex- Orphaned Land, Yossi Sassi Band), performing rhythm and solo parts on a signature Bouzoukitara - a unique custom made instrument combining Bouzouki and Electric Guitar. Aral Sea II is the second part of the Aral Sea trilogy, dedicated to the environmental disaster of the former Aral Sea – one of the biggest ecological problems of our time. This video features a magnificent time-lapse footage, taken by photographer Denis Frantsouzov on his journey to the Aral Sea/Ustyurt Plateau region a few years ago.


Our new apocalyptic video clip for "Spymania" is out! Please meet it with loud, unhuman screams and insane dances!!! 🍾🍾🍾

But first, let's make a little sense: as everyone already knows, we live in a very dangerous age. As it turns out, the evil reptilians from planet Nibiru came down to Earth to control our body and mind, and they are very close to obtaining the key to Universal Knowledge, which is stored inside the brain of Soul Enema member [censored]. It's only a matter of cutting the head, and downloading that info with a special chip. [spoiler]The super-human powers of Batman and Chuck Norris and other heavyweight geopolitical giants stand in their way, but as it turns out, only something related to the world of music will be able to save the human race.[/spoiler] What is it? Watch out till the end, and share it with a world, for the truth to be finally known! 秘密


Here are the brilliant news for you - our album is set to be out on 23 of June, and it's available for pre-ordering in digital and CD format! So, get your ear membranes ready, as it's already coming to you right now on the following links of choice:
Bandcamp (digital download/CD ordering - a limited edition CD with 16-page booklet, including full lyrics, comes with free digital download)
iTunes (get it downloaded straight to your iTunes Player on the release day)
The additional digital and physical CD ordering options will be announced later. Artwork by the almighty Alexey Kudelin (widely known as Vasya Lozhkin).

So let's recall for a moment, what do we have here...
Looking back, it took a lot of time and effort to create "Of Clans and Clones and Clowns", and the final result brings the feeling of a real accomplishment. It was a long,complicated process, constantly laden with a myriad of good reasons to give up or compromise. It probably couldn't be any different, as our goal was a mature, well-produced statement, consistent in quality throughout, and at the same time versatile enough in its various moods, styles and approaches. A creative and diverse Rock/Metal album, exploring vast melodic and rhythmic territories - from ABBA to Zappa, from King Crimson to King Diamond, between East and West and way beyond - in true progressive fashion. Like any reflection of the world we live in, it takes a wild ride over a wide emotional spectrum: sad, funny, perfectly sane, totally insane, very direct, quite obscure, and everything in between. We also had the great honor of featuring the instrumental talents of Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land, Yossi Sassi Band), Sergey Kalugin and Yuri Ruslanov (Orgia Pravednikov), as well as other wonderful musicians (see credits below). Our next aim was to ensure that all of these components  work in the final picture, and that's the reason why we welcomed one of the best guys on the list to mix and master this work - Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Devin Townsend). It deserved the best possible treatment, just as you as a listener deserve the best possible quality. The mixing process was far from trivial, and it took some effort to shape everything our way - clear and powerful enough, yet not overproduced. So, if you like what you hear, please order yourself a CD, or the highest quality digital download, to have it the way we really meant it to sound - full-scale and uncompromising. We hope you will have your own exciting experience with the album!


Excited to share with you our new video for " Aral Sea III – Epilogue" - the final part of an Aral Sea trilogy, taken from an upcoming album "Of Clans and Clones and Clowns""! An extra info on ex-Aral Sea environmental disaster: Special thanks to Denis Frantsouzov for the magnificent video footage. The time lapse filming was done in the Aral Sea/Ustyurt Plateau region.


New vid! Breaking the Waves the song is inspired by Breaking the Waves the film - a famous cult drama by Lars von Trier. What makes the storyline quite special, is the way it deals with a complicated paradox. The notion of self-sacrifice in the name of the one you love, can be the most romantic and heroic thing ever, and there are numerous plots that speak about that. But at the same time, this case can be the most miserable and sickening version of self-destructive heroism in existence, it's about paying the real price to the very end. The way the very deep, core programs of human being - like love, faith, devotion, sexual instincts behave or misbehave in those twisted edgy situations, the way it makes you think about the basis of these things, is quite stimulating in understanding the human nature. That's the intriguing aspect of von Trier's approach in his films. Accordingly, this time we also wanted to express a bit of that cold Scottish rural highlands atmosphere in the music and arrangements. This one feels more chilling and edgy, even though it also contains some softer parts.


Please meet our new video for the song "Cannibalissimo Ltd.", which is also a part of our upcoming record, of course! Inspired by stop-motion techniques, the video makes use of lyric plates, bringing a certain element of parody to the popular 'lyric video' format. "We are just deeply influenced by the concept of post-post-truth" - commented an unconfirmed, fake source in the band, on the issue of lyrics. Bon Appetit, take care!


"In Bed with an Enemy"... a first taste out of upcoming album. There's no single certain way to comment on that song and video. It's probably one of those "take it, or leave it" things, so if you happen to embrace this one, it becomes your own experience with no further explanation needed.
A special mention for a couple of persons in the context of this video:
Nikita Liskov - a man of huge talent and vision behind the video animation. It was a perfect match in a most mysticway possible - like two creative substances done in parallel worlds, that just merge together in the most seminal way that could happen as far as image, word and sound are concerned. Sergey Kalugin and Yuri Ruslanov - brilliant musicians and dear friends from a leading Russian Progressive Rock/Metal
band Orgia Pravednikov (Orgy of the Righteous!) - thanks for the sonic echoes out of the better worlds.



Nine months - that’s what it usually takes for an embryo to become a newborn, as you know. Nine months - that's what it took us to build the album's sound through considerable string of decisions, revisions,  improvements and approvements. All those lengthy, but mandatory activities of mixing, mastering, harassing the buttons and torturing the faders.
And there we are, finally having it finished - the kid is quite healthy and feeling well. He has inborn teeth, balls, he's screaming, laughing, crying, kidding, kicking ass, and, well - we can't miss that something of a vital importance  - he has a heart and soul e̶n̶e̶m̶a̶, that is. Big thanks to Jens “he mixed them ALL” Bogren for a craftsmanship and patience!
What’s next… Well, we will drop da first bomb. Gonna happen soon.

[~Long distance warning~]... Prepare for the alarm. Check the nearby bunker. Those tanks are fueled and those engines are heated up.

Peace (on Earth and some neighboring galaxies).


Mixing for "Of Clans and Clones and Clownes" album is started with Jens Borgren.  Jens is well known for his work with a bands and artists such as Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork, James LaBrie, Moonspell, Between The Buried And Me, Kreator, Devin Townsend, Ihsahn, Dark Tranquillity, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth, Dragonforce, The Ocean, Haken, Amorphis, Pain Of Salvation, Rotting Christ, Symphony X, Orphaned Land, Leprous and Myrath amongst the many others.

Soul Enema with Yossi Sassi - aral sea ii recordings preview (2015)




A taste of things to come:  

Soul Enema with Arjen Lucassen - Eternal Child recordings preview (2015)




Arjen Lucassen, the legendary Dutch mastermind and guitarist, is confirmed for appearance on our upcoming album. Follow the full press release on Prog Teamrock website.


Really exсited and honored to announce that Yossi Sassi | יוסי סאסי (ex Orphaned Land, solo) will be one of a dear guests present on a new album! Yossi is kindly contributing great bouzouki parts for one of the album tracks. Being a founding member and key songwriter of world renown Oriental Metal leaders - Orphaned Land, Yossi is well acknowledged for bringing a wide spectrum of exotic instruments such as bouzouki, oud, saz, ect, into the focus of metal world, and finally developing his own unique brand of signature Bouzoukitara. Yossi as solo act, and Orphaned Land as a band, always were and still are a big inspiration in terms of finding the unique path and forming a personal musical identity, and it's way beyond special to have Yossi involved to contribute his personal touch to our musical vision.


Working on sitar additions from Mr. Michael Rosenfeld. Yes, this cool thing will be on the upcoming album too!

Working on sitar additions from Mr. Michael Rosenfeld. Yes, this cool thing will be on the upcoming album too!

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